What it takes:

We make individual placements of volunteers in a particular classroom, so we take the time to learn a bit about them first. That means  an interview, an application form, references, a CORI check.

It takes a couple weeks to a month (but varies) to complete the process be accepted as a tutor. It takes longer if there are holidays/snowstorms/lots of voicemail tag with references.

12 hours of training is required, but you may begin your work as a volunteer before you have completed the training.


It does not take:  

A teaching credential: Current, aspiring and retired teachers welcome. But plenty of non teachers prove to be wonderful volunteers, and some former teachers have a hard time shifting roles.


A second language (mostly): Our classes are taught in English (with one exception for a Spanish language class), including ESOL classes. Once in awhile a teacher will request someone who speaks a bit of another language, but not often.


Your resume. We care more about how you are with people than what you do for work -- and have volunteers with all sorts of professional backgrounds.


Expertise in (math, grammar, insert academic subject here): We have a teacher, a book and/or Google for that. We're looking for tutors to cheer, coach and guide students through the process, not to have all the answers.

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