Resources for Teachers


Tutors can, and do, serve many different roles within the variety of classes offered by the Juntos Collaborative.  For some classes, a student-tutor conversation in a quiet corner is appropriate, for others leading a small group in an activity, for others, a tutor floating among the classes helping where they see confusion. 

We've assembled a few of the ways that tutors can help here. Please contact Allison if you'd like to talk about how tutors can best support the needs of your particular classroom. 

 tutor roles in the ABE classroom

One-on-One Requests

We know that sometimes, there's a particular student who needs more support than is possible within the class. If you would like to request a one-on-one tutor for a student of yours, please complete this One-on-One Request Form  and we'll add your student to our list of tutoring needs. 



Test Taking Tips

In spring 2017 our tutors and teachers collaborated to assemble their best test-taking tips. Please use/share with your classes! 



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