206 Maple Street, Holyoke, MA 01040   (413) 552 - 2912 

The Holyoke Community College Adult Learning Center (HCC/ALC) is an evening adult basic education GED preparation program committed to providing high quality instruction and services to community members in the greater Holyoke area. Classes include GED subject area knowledge as well as skill development in reasoning, decision making and test taking skills. An initial assessment, pre- and post-testing are also provided along with GED Practice Testing for qualified students. All services are free of charge.


All classes are held on weekday evenings from 5:30- 8:30 p.m.

The Center and classes are located at Picknelly Adult and Family Education Center, 206 Maple Street, Holyoke. (413) 552 - 2912


Please visit HCC's website for more information about these classes as well as other learning opportunities.


  • Basic Literacy -  Provides math, reading and writing academic support for students' with grade level equivalence of 3-5
  • Pre-GED Preparation - Provides math, reading, writing, science and social studies academic  support for students’ with grade level equivalence of 6-8
  • GED Preparation - Provides comprehensive instruction in math, reading, writing, science
    and social studies academic support for students’ with grade level equivalence of 9-12
  • Focus on Math Preparation - Provides intensive math support. Recommended for students needing assistance with only math or recommended for students who have passed all areas of the GED exam except math.                    

Students enrolled at the HCC/ALC also have access to:

  • Academic Support Services

  • Counseling Services including: career counseling, academic counseling, and referral services

  • Referrals to Juntos Partnering Agencies: Care Center, HolyokeWorks, HALO, and CEP. 

  • Transition to College support services



To learn more about our classes and services, please call Aliza Ansell, Program Coordinator, at (413) 552 - 2912.

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